NAS with ZFS on Raspberry Pi 4

This Solution is safe against Trojans like „Wannacry, Emotet, etc.
It replaces NAS Solutions like Synology, ReadyNAS, QNAP, etc. simpler, easier, cheaper and cost efficient!

Usually you should have three copies of your data at two places, we will reduce this to two copies, if you want

There is no need for a cost expensive Microserver or bigger.

Save Money on energy efficient Raspberry Pi┬┤s ARM Technology

The Zetabyte Filesystem (ZFS) takes care for Redundancy like mirroring your Drives and is creating Snapshots for month automaticly, any time.

Because of ZFS Vector Based Design any Clone, Rollback, Snapshot and other Actions are taking almost no time at all.

The rich feature Set of ZFS is visualized in Cockpits Frontend with the ZFS Manager Plugin, easy to use

Get a Pi4, Install Ubuntu, add a pair of Disks and run our small Script

For easy use and best Performance we start with a Mirror, called Raid 1
Restore single Files with Windows Explorer, without any extra Software
Full ZFS Feature Control with Cockpit GUI on https://nasbeery:9090